The world is a whirlwind of emotions, crisis, surprises, and trauma.

We are catching flights. Trying to be on time.  Making sure we get enough sleep for the next day of crazy to-do lists.  In all this we get exhausted.  Our relationships are still important but we forget about them in all that hustle and bustle of trying to keep afloat.

Did you make time today? To tell them that you loved them? That they changed your life for the better?  That you don’t ever want to be without them? That every day they remind you that you really aren’t alone in this crazy, storming world?

heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love2heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love28San Francisco Marin Headlands love session by Heather Elizabeth photographyheatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love3 Couples photography at the Marin Headlands by Heather Elizabeth Photography heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love6heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love11heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love12heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love13heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love14heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love10heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love15heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love18heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love26heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love19heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love20heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love21heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love22heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love23heatherelizabeth-marin-headlands-love24


Megan is an incredibly talented photographer from Chicago that I am blessed to call a friend.


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