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The world is a whirlwind of emotions, crisis, surprises, and trauma.We are catching flights. Trying to be on time.  Making sure we get enough sleep for the next day of crazy to-do lists.  In all this we get exhausted.  Our relationships are still important but we forget about them in all that hustle and bustle of trying to keep afloat.Did you make time today? [...]

I had no idea what I was doing. I picked up my camera and just kept snapping photos. It was my first wedding I had ever done. I didn't even think I liked wedding photography. I didn't even realize it that day, but that little photo gig of my friend's wedding really changed my life.Fast forward to 7 years later. I've photographed over 100 weddings and it's become m[...]

Sometimes photography shoots become extended trips. I had a blast out in Big Sur photographing this sweet, stylized Bachelorette camping trip. Since it's a few hours drive, rather than just going for the day I figured it would be a great opportunity for some adventures and sight seeing. After all, who wants to go to Big Sur just to go strait back home? Blue waters, pe[...]

Elle [ portrait ]

I love being inspired. I love the feeling I get after I shoot portraits. My blood is pumping, my brain starts thinking about new ideas, and I have a feeling of recharge for the rest of my day. That feeling runs through me for days… and then after a few days without my camera I feel deflated. Then I have a new face to photograph and once again I am recharged.Photog[...]

Day by Day, a new year.

Every year we make new promises to ourselves. Huge goals to put pressure on us."I'm going to lose all that weight""I am going to get that new car""I am going to be better"This year I am going to try something different.  While there are things I want to do this year... I want to choose this year to believe I am good enough right now. My work is good no[...]

Gift certificates are here and ready for the Holidays! These have been a huge hit each year to give the gift of photos and sessions to your loved ones. Why not pamper your beautiful lady with a boudoir session? Know someone that you would love to gift a family session? These are also great for gifts to fellow clients of Heather Elizabeth Photography and can be use[...]