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Hayley | Senior Portrait session in Ripon

July 7, 2018

I’ve known Hayley since she was this small, cute little girl that would be excited to chat with me whenever I came over to talk to her mom, Vicki. Late nights on the couch with wine or early morning workouts with  Vicki always led to me getting some sort of deep conversation where she gave me life advice.  Even though she was too young to even understand what romantic heartbreak was, I remember when I was over there crying over some breakup, little Hayley walked over and said “you’re beautiful you deserve better! he’s a jerk!”. It was the most adorable thing ever. (Let the record show, she was right.)

Flashforward to me happily photographing her senior portrait session in Downtown Ripon and she has grown up to be such an incredible young lady. She grows more kind, loving, outgoing each time I am graced with her presence. Congratulations on winning at High School. There is a big beautiful world out there for you that needs your wonderful vibes.

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