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Svetlana + Ilya – Jewish Wedding Celebration at the Montavalo Arts center

July 4, 2018

“Effortless” is one of the words that I would use to describe Ilya and Svetlana’s wedding at the Montavalo Art center. Even with a large guest count, everything just seemed to go exactly the way it was supposed to go because of the calm, cool and loving vibes of the whole wedding.

Even when Svetlana (in amazing hells, of course!) had to walk up a dirt hill to get to the beautiful garden at Montavalo for the first look moment with Ilya. She had a stunning wedding gown on, and with help of the best ladies in her life just walked up that dirt hill like it was nothing.  No stress, just excited to see her man behind the gates of the garden!

Oh, Svetlana and Ilya. Thank you for our morning stroll at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for your engagement session. You so kindly invited me into your story and shared such loving moments with me that I was inspired by while photographing. This day in Saratoga left me feeling inspired. It doesn’t take much effort to adore the two of you. 🙂


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