Nice to meet ya'll

My name is Heather!

I’m Heather, California born and raised photographer, artist, lady boss, animal lover. Spending time with my animals, hiking, painting, drawing, and dancing at concerts makes me happy. I "might" have a mild obsessions with Willie Nelson, Disney, and funko POP toys. What makes my heart soar is creating art that means something to wonderful people.

I have learned that life is about the tiny in-between moments. The ones you don't see coming that are scattered between those BIG moments that you think you are most excited for. After photographing over 400 weddings I have to say that some of my favorite images have come from those tiny moments.


To document your story, I gotta know your story. Send me an e-mail with your favorite ice cream flavor and details on your wedding so we can get to know each other. Thank you!

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