This story starts off with a rainy day in Sebastpol, California. I never get rain during my fall weddings, but on this fall day the clouds slowly creeped in, and the drops of rain fell. A lot of drops of rain. Tarps were put up, umbrellas were brought out, and preparation for a wet wedding day in the Vineyard were made.

Rain on a wedding day always worries me quite a bit. However, after their San Francisco Engagement session, I knew that Matt and Megan’s wedding was going to be absolute perfection despite the rainy day. Which seemed to be a theme with them as we were fighting rain when we tried to schedule their engagement! The rain clearly had it out for them, but in the end although it put a few complications into the mix, it came and went with perfect timing.  It was rainy just enough to make amazing light, rainbows and clouds for their portraits.

The rain chased them and it turned out to be a completely wonderful problem to have. ~

heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding62heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-weddingsoft gold bridal ring set at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photography heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding1 heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding2 heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding3 heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding4heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding7 heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding8 heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding9 heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding10fine art bridal at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photography heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding12editorial groomsman photo at the vine hill house in sebaspol california by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding6Teal and maroon bridal party at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographyadorable fine art bridal portrait with bride wearing JLM Couture, Blush by Hayley Paige at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding16bride and her flower girl sharing a moment wearing haley paige at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding18Beautiful clouds at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding25bridesmaids getting ready for a wedding ceremony at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding23bride and her dad walking to her ceremony at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding27heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding26fine art photo of a bride and groom holding hands at their wedding ceremony at vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographywedding ceremony at the vine hill house in sabaspol edited with red leaf actions by heather elizabeth photographyfine art wedding ceremony coverage from a wedding at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding31heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding32heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding34heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding35heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding36heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding37heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding38heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding39heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding40heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding42heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding43heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding47rainy day wedding photo by heather elizabeth photography at the vine hill househeather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding48heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding49rainbow in the vineyard at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding50portrait in the vineyards with a rainbow at the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding86heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding53vine hill house wedding by heather elizabeth photographyfine art bride and groom portrait in the vineyard of the vine hill house by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding56heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding57heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding58heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding59heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding60heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding61heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding63heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding64heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding65heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding66heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding67heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding68heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding69heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding70heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding71heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding72heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding73heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding74heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding75heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding79heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding78heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding81heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding82heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding83heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding84heather-elizabeth-vine-hill-house-wedding85


Venue : Vine Hill House 
Dress designer: JLM Couture, Blush by Hayley Paige
Flowers: Bella Bloom Florals, Portland, OR
I had two wonderful friends photograph this wedding with me. Thank you to my wonderful friend Stephanie as well as Paul for coming out to brave the rainy day with me.


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That rainbow is killer! Great shots!

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