Land's End San Francisco Fine Art Engagement SessionSutro Heights Park Engagement Session landsend-engagement-session002 Intimate and sweet engagement session at Sutro Height's park landsend-engagement-session004Dramatic and Cinematic engagement session photography at the Sutro Height's Park in San FranciscoBeautiful spring engagement session at the Sutro Height's Park in San Francisco landsend-engagement-session008 landsend-engagement-session009 landsend-engagement-session010 landsend-engagement-session012Artistic engagement photography in San Francisco CaliforniaLand's End Outdoorsy engagement session in San Francisco landsend-engagement-session014Film Photography engagement session at Land's End in San Francisco Cinematic and artistic engagement session at Land's End in San Francisco landsend-engagement-session017 landsend-engagement-session019 landsend-engagement-session020 landsend-engagement-session021Romantic and creative Engagement session photography at the Sutro Baths in San Francisco Artistic outdoorsy engagement session at the Sutro Baths in San Francisco landsend-engagement-session024 landsend-engagement-session025 landsend-engagement-session026 Creative engagement photography at the Sutro Baths in San Francisco


It seemed like the rain was rather dedicated to showing up for Megan and Matt. We scheduled their first engagement session months ago and as the day came closer, so did news of the rain. We were disappointed as it seemed like California had no desire to give us the rain on days we needed it, until we desperately wanted the sun light to play in. Enter copious amounts of rain. Isn’t that how things work?

So we rescheduled, and that Saturday came up and so did the rain. We stumbled around just making it happen as we had already had to reschedule two times… but in the end upon seeing that the sun was due to a visit to San Francisco the next day we decided to try again the next day. Third time was a charm, right?

It shows that patience pays off.  The light was absolutely stunning in San Francisco. Many times when I shoot in the city that I love, it’s rainy, overcast, and we just make due. However waiting to get that amazing, slightly diffused and hazed light dancing through the trees. There’s something really special about that beach light that I absolutely love when lighting my subjects.  It’s a good thing Megan and Matt were up for a hike, because we chased the pretty light through the Sutro Heights Park, Lands End, and then finally ending up fighting through the crowds to get some killer photographs at the Sutro Bath’s down below.

I’m excited to have such beautiful, fun clients that love flannel and the outdoors as much as me. Also excited that not only did I get to photograph their engagement session, but I get to document their wedding later this year as well.