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Adventure and love | San Juan, Puerto Rico Wedding

June 29, 2015

I’ve lived a nice life. Always stayed in the country doing very safe things. Amusement parks. A quiet stroll through a manicured park. Boat tours. Disneyland. All those really safe, yet exciting things. I had never even been out of the country before.

I was a little scared when I booked Michael and Katrina‘s wedding in Puerto Rico. I had never been out of the country. I had never flown on a plane for that long. How was this going to work?  The wonderful bride and groom had us go along with them on a full day tour with everyone attending the wedding, which helped not only in guiding me through some of the things to do in Puerto Rico, but truly pushed me as a person.

I hiked through a rain forest. I saw waterfalls. I played in the ocean not caring that all I had brought with me was the dress that I was wearing. I then wore that same dress and kayaked with my brother (who was second shooting for me) through a dark lagoon and saw that bioluminescence weren’t just photoshopped into all of those images of the famous bio bay. It was real in such a way that I had trouble believing my eyes.

It takes a lot of hours and work to run my business. Any small business owner can attest to how many hours you can put into your work and craft.  But it’s in those moments where I am facing fears and kayaking in a pitch black lagoon and seeing waterfalls and stepping foot in an ocean I had never seen before… that I realize I am one lucky woman.


Wedding in Old San Juan Puerto Rico with a blush pink wedding dress by Heather Elizabeth Photography Sunset wedding portrait in Puerto Rico by Heather Elizabeth Photography

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