There is something about being around Maddy and Jon’s relationship that is so inspiring. You see two people who are so unafraid to show each other affection and love. There is no holding back. They love each other in a way that makes love look like so much damn fun.

Part of their connection together is their love of the outdoors. So of course for their engagement session, we went on a great little hiking adventure in the redwoods behind their home. Jon’s VW bus that he had restored had given them so many wonderful memories together, so we decided to bring it to the photo shoot at all. And luckily for me, their adventurous nature made it an easy “yes!” when I asked for them to jump on the top of it.

Maddy and Jon, you two make love look so good. Thank you for a lovely afternoon hike and beach adventure. It was a breath of fresh air that I needed.

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I listened to the all those Disney films and followed my dreams. Now I get to go on adventures and make art for incredible humans.

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