a colorful disneyland wedding

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a mild Disneyland obsession. By mild, I mean that I am a proud season pass holder and will use any excuse to land myself down in Southern California to take a visit to the Magic Kingdom. I’ve been known to even take my professional camera into the parks to document these adventures and collect artistic imagery of Walt Disney’s creations.

So it was a very natural connection I had with Ashleigh and Sean when they called to tell me about their Disneyland themed wedding that they were planning.  I had to pinch myself to believe that I found people that shared my obsession!  First we ran around San Francisco for their Indiana Jones themed Engagement session. Then I show up on their wedding day to see the most incredible Cinderella-esque wedding shoes, Disney plushes on the bed, and little snippets and confetti of Disney details sprinkled all over the room. And this was just the getting ready suite!

All of the details in their wedding were not only beautiful, but hand crafted by the couple and their family using their childhood toys. It was a labor of love, and Disney obsession.

Their favorite ride in Disneyland was Indiana Jones – so you can guess what the theme of their head table was.

Ashleigh and Sean – I absolutely love the two of you. Thanks for the beer afterwards and the friendships you gave me.  And you scratched off my bucket list “photograph a wedding where the closing song is ‘Part of your World’ sang by the bride and bridesmaids”.

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