Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. Type. Click, click, click, click. Save. Upload. Blog. Shoot. Type. Click. Save. Upload. Eat occasionally. Repeat.

That sometimes how wedding season feels. I love every moment of it but sometimes I forget that Summer is fleeting. The warm weather dissipates, nights get shorter, and all of a sudden it’s Winter again and I am cooped up inside anyway. While I may in one of my busiest seasons ever, I felt like it was time to take a step away from the computer for a week and visit one of my favorite places : Disneyland.

In the company of my sweet mother and best friend (with the same name) Heather, we filled suitcases with too many outfits for five days, and packed up the car and started driving.

We left before the sun came up . The dawn kept trickling in as we drove down the 5 in the direction of  of our destination. My brother Matt recently moved down to Santa Monica, so we came into town a few days early to visit with him and take a trip to Universal Studios. It was rather hot and miserable, but we survived.  The heat hit about 108 degrees that weekend.

I’ve been going to Disneyland since I was a child. Just like my Grandfather took my mother, it just became one of our family’s “things”. Since my childhood Disney has always had a big part of my life. All the movies, music and magic has been a staple in our lives. So many memories over the years. From me being too scared every time everyone wanted to go on the Haunted Mansion, to how excited I was when Toon Town first opened, to riding Splash Mountain over and over again 10 minutes before closing because no one else in the park wanted to go.

Yet still, it just doesn’t get old to me. And my collection of mouse ears continues to grow.


For the trip I didn’t want to take my professional Canon SLRs to any of the parks… or anywhere for that matter. They are so heavy, and as much as I love photography it’s so hard to bring them around. So thanks to Borrow Lenses, I rented the Fuji X-T1 and a 35mm (50mm equivalent) lens to document my trip with. I was so impressed by this camera I am totally considering purchasing it for myself.

Light weight. High quality images. Great lenses. It made creating beautiful images easier. Upon editing the files, I was so impressed by the HDR in the files.  I found the files really easy to process. I used Replichrome and Alien Skin Software to process these files. Highlights on the skin would be rough at times, but with some extra tinkering I ended up happy with the final product.  The only downsides to the camera I saw was battery power. There’s really only enough for half a day’s worth of shooting.  And the batter power meter isn’t very accurate – it will go from 75% to dying in a ten minute span.

These are a mix of Fuji X-T1 photographs and Iphone 5S, all edited with a mixture of Replichrome and Alien Skin Exposure.

Also, I am just going to put it out into the Universe that I am an owner of an Annual Pass so I can get into Disneyland 375 days a year.  So… who wants to shoot in Disneyland or California adventure? Let’s make it happen.

Fuji x-t1 landscape photography in Los Angeles los-angeles-photographer2Universal Studios photographed with the Fuji x-t1universal-studios-backlot-photographer3Back to the Future Car on display at Universal StudiosDisney's California adventure in the morning cars-land-disneyland-photographer1cars-land-disneyland-photographer8Ursula Disney inspired make-upCar's Land in the morning at Disney's California AdventureCars Land Portrait PhotographerTattooed portrait session in DisneylandCars Land at Sunset Car's Land at sunset at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, California disneyland-portrait-photographer5Iron Man Display at Tomorrow Land in DisneylandHaving fun in Disneyland Halloween Day of the Dead display at Disneylanddisneyland-portrait-photographer11disneyland-portrait-photographer4Disneyland Portrait Photographerdisneyland-portrait-photographer2Haunted Mansion at Halloween Time in DisneylandBand performs at Disneylanddisneyland-portrait-photographer10