I am in the business of memories. I document them for others. Their memories are trusted to me.

I made memories at this place before. Those memories ended up being sad memories and so they turned to ash. I avoided the place.  Recently I looked at photographs and remembered how stunning it was, and the bad didn’t bother me so much anymore. So I became determined to make new memories there. Maybe share it with others and brush away the ash for something new.

You can choose to make beautiful things, or to just hold on to the ugly. Thank you to Tyler and Queena for climbing those rolling hills of Livermore at Sunset with me and making new beautiful memories.

Sunset pastel engagement in Morgan Territory Livermore by Heather Elizabeth PhotographySweet pastel engagement in Morgan Territory by Heather Elizabeth Photography3-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagementsweet pastel livermore engagement session by heather elizabeth photographysweet pastel engagement in morgan territory by heather elizabeth photography6-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagement7-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagement9-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagement10-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagement24-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagement25-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagementFine art pastel engagement in nature at livermore morgan territory park by heather elizabeth photographyfine art sunset engagement on the hills of livermore by heather elizabeth photography16-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagement14-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagement18-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagement19-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagement20-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagementromantic editorial style engagement session in livermore by heather elizabeth photography23-heather-elizabeth-morgan-territory-livermore-engagement


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