They fell in love and went from riding dirt bikes together, to showing up on on that sunny beach to hold hands and make vows.  Jenessa and Tyson brought their two families together on a warm day in October (thanks, California) to witness their union. The waves were crashing, and might have caused some nerves as they got closer and closer to the ceremony spot. However that just added to the day’s charm.  After most of the festivities had been taken care of, we had a quiet walk on the beaches of The Sanctuary Beach Resort and took some beautiful portraits.   And then they partied like champions.

Please enjoy these pretty pictures and know that it took a lot of running around with camera gear in the sand to achieve them.

floral wedding silk gown at the sanctuary beach resort by heather elizabeth photographybride preparing for her wedding in carmel by heather elizabeth photography heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding2 heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding3 wedding ceremony on the beach of carmel heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding5 heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding6heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding7heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding8heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding9heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding10floor length gowns at a beach wedding in carmel by heather elizabeth photographerheather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding12heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding13blush pink and grey bridal party colors on the beaches of carmel for a wedding by heather elizabeth photographyheather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding15heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding16heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding17heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding19romantic wedding portrait on the beach at THE SANCTUARY BEACH RESORT, CALIFORNIA  by heather elizabeth photographysunset wedding portrait in carmel at THE SANCTUARY BEACH RESORT, CALIFORNIA  by heather elizabethheather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding21heather-elizabeth-carmel-bright-wedding22


As the Mother of the groom this was one of the happiest days of my life…This was the most magical day, everything was perfect! I love my son and daughter-in-law to the moon and back. Thank you Heather for taking the most beautiful pictures ever and for making the memories last forever!

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