When I have a wedding party that is a large size who also happen to adore the bride and groom, it just overwhelms me at joy from the first moment I start shooting. No awkward introductions to anyone. I am able to just walk into the Men’s locker room where the guys are getting ready and introduce myself and they automatically treat me like I am part of the group. The F-bombs are dropped. Jokes are made. Trolling each other back and forth.  Walking into the women’s room to meet all the girls and being greeted with hugs from all these ladies that have never met me in person.  Just like that the party starts.

How big of a wedding party is too big? Give me a giant wedding party any day. If they are filled with love and excitement for the bride and groom, I want to be around that magnetic energy.



I don’t have a sister. However, if I did I would want her to be like Megan’s sister, Chrissy. I loved watching how excited she was to see her sister all dolled up to marry the love of her life. So eager to help Megan in any way that she possibly needed. The bond the two had with their mother was inspiring to witness. Praying together in a circle before the first look.  Even looking at the photograph now, I can remember the beautiful energy that the three of them emitted during that prayer in the locker room.  Looking into each other’s eyes and laughing, hand in hand. What a beautiful thing to have a relationship like that.


Megan and Jay – I love how hard you love each other.  Thank you for letting me take pictures of it. 


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