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Sexy thigh high + corset boudoir / pin-up sessionWhy Boudoir? //
Let me tell you about my first boudoir experience.  I had been photographing boudoir for a while, but had never been in front of the camera myself.  Being a plus size girl with all my flaws that I so wonderfully can point out to myself constantly, the idea of being in my underpants (no matter how sexy they were) was terrifying. However, I was having a bit of a down slump and decided to take a chance. So I booked my session and anxiously awaited for the day for my shoot to happen. A hair and makeup artist dolled me up, slapped on some false eyelashes, and then I turned to my photographer in my half naked glory and said “Ready!”

She made me feel so comfortable throughout the shoot, that along with the hair and makeup, I was feeling pampered and sexy. I chose outfits that I felt showed off my curves and that I feel beautiful in. They may have not been the fanciest, but I felt amazing.  After the shoot I was anxious to see the images… but part of me was terrified.

“Did I look pretty enough? Should I have lost weight before I did this?  Did I make stupid faces?”

The photos arrived and I was floored. Was that really me? They weren’t over photoshopped by any means, but I felt so beautiful looking at the photos. It was such a confidence booster to see how I looked. I looked confident, assured, and sexy.  It’s an experience that I will never forget. It’s something that I am so grateful that I did because even on my sloppiest, sweat pants and hair-in-a-bun days, I can look at those photos and remember that I am sexy and beautiful, and I should celebrate that more.

The Bombshell Boudoir Experience //

Boudoir is about more than just the body. It’s about the style, the confidence you get from wearing your favorite little pieces, and the experience of taking time out to celebrate yourself. This experience is not catered to one body type or style. I love photographing women of all different shapes and sizes so that they can see just how beautiful they really are.  Whether you are plus size, petite, fit, or in between goal weights, you look stunning just as you are now and boudoir truly captures it. Your session will include full posing coaching, retouching, and beautiful lighting to showcase your favorite assets.

It’s all your choice on how much or how little you show. This is about what makes you feel sexy. Do you feel sexiest in the glam lingerie you picked up at Victoria’s Secret? Or do you love your messy bed head in that favorite t-shirt? Or are you more comfortable in nothing at all? This experience is custom tailored to really represent you. Boudoir photography sessions are a full, exciting, editorial style experience which comes complete with hair and makeup. Be pampered, and celebrate yourself!

Let me document your unique beauty.

I have several different packages depending on your needs in a San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photographer.

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The ultimate Self Love experience

Celebrate yourself in a creative photography experience! Full with hair and makeup, styling expertise, and full posing coaching you will have so much fun being fearless.