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Karen + Jeff | Point Reyes Engagement Session

August 17, 2016

If you know me, then you know that one of my favorite things to do is to jump in my car and drive far off to places where I trade in cell phone reception for a nice breeze through the windows and a favorite CD playing.  When things are slowed down a bit more, I am able to take off for days at a time to just relax and stop looking at the endless memes and selfies and text messages my phone has to kill so much time.  However, sometimes in the busy season for my engagement sessions I am lucky enough to be able to have mini day trips to get that quiet that I so desperately need and beautiful scenery to soak in.  No cell phones. No streaming media. No connection just the road and the world ahead of me.

On this chilly day out on the coast of Point Reyes, I was able to watch one of the most spectacular sunsets I had seen in a long time, saw a mother and baby deer skip across the road, as well as photograph these two lovers together for their Point Reyes Engagement Session. Thank you Karen and Jeff for taking this wonderful little adventure with me. I would also like to thank them for trusting in my judgment when I would lie down in some very questionable locations in order to get a good image. I can’t wait to share their wedding day images.

For now, enjoy our little adventure.

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