Living in California my whole life, I am endlessly spoiled by the beautiful light and warm weather. However even paradise rains sometimes and in those winter months, I try to avoid photographing on foggy days. Luckily the sun came out for Mia, Ted and I to go on a little adventure for their engagement session.

First, we started out at Muir Beach which turned out to be nearly deserted! Thanks to everyone being flexible with their schedules we were able to come to this popular bay area location without the massive crowds hanging out in the background. It allowed me to have a bit more privacy when trying to photograph these two being all cute and adorable together.

Afterward we took off Mt.Tamalpais to a spot that Ted knew about. It turned out to be totally worth the drive up because it gave us some epic light and views.

It was a wonderful start to 2020. I cannot wait for all the new photography magic I get to work this year. Thank you Mia and Ted for being such inspirations to photograph!

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I listened to the all those Disney films and followed my dreams. Now I get to go on adventures and make art for incredible humans.

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