This year has been a hard one. Forget politics, but since 2016 began I have struggled. I was in an accident that caused damage to my face which I am still recovering from. Right after this very wedding all of my gear that I had been shooting on since the start of this business was stolen. My life has had illness, lost pets, lost my grandmother to cancer. I’ve battled demons, people who I thought were my friends, and the sadness from losing someone I love.

But you know what… my clients rock. My weddings rock. They lit my heart up in a way that nothing else could this year. Getting to document their stories and to receive such kindness from them all. They helped me create the art that I love while getting paid for it. They helped me really live out the American dream. They kept me going knowing that I was so damn blessed to have them and my work in my life.

Janice and Aaron are two of those people. Their simple wedding at the Dog Patch Wine Works of San Francisco was filled with just what I needed this year. Love, hugs, fun, and stories. The usually overcast and cold city lit up with the sunshine dancing through the clouds.  Through the whole booking process these two really clicked with me, and while we didn’t have an engagement session the day that I was photographing their wedding I felt like I was celebrating the wedding of two old friends.

Thank you, Janice and Aaron – for being two lights in my life during this truly trying year.

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