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Tien + TuHai | Point Reyes Engagement photos with dog friends

August 24, 2017

You know what is the best creature on Earth?


No, but really, dogs. Dogs don’t care what you wear. Dogs love you unconditionally no matter what damage they have been through. They know when you need cuddles. They will always forgive you when you accidentally step on their foot.  Dogs are unconditional lovers.

So when Tien and TuHai asked if they could bring all three of their dogs to their engagement shoot in Point Lobos, of course, I got way too excited. Our pets are our families. It would be silly not to include their three fur babies in their engagement photo session!

Tien and TuHai had just lost their beloved beagle Dumbo when I first was starting to get to know them a few months ago. We shared dog photos and she had included photos of all the dogs as well as sweet Dumbo.   I could tell even via email how saddened by his passing they were. It’s such a painful thing to lose a pet you have loved for so many years. You get used to all of their little quirks and kisses.

They brought their new baby girl beagle, Olive with them to the photo session. She had so much energy and excitement to be running around Point Lobos with her new family. I was amazed how well TuHai had trained her and their two other dogs. They literally posed for photos. It was incredible!

After the session was over I figured it was the appropriate time to give them my gift I made for them. I felt compelled to do something that might bring a smile to their faces. I ran back to my car nervous if this was the right move to grab the watercolor painting I had done for them. Would they like it? Would they think I’m overstepping with this little painting? Would they be sad? Would they think I suck at painting? ANXIETY. Yet I still felt compelled to hand it to them.

The painting was received with smiles and tears and the best hugs any of my clients have ever given me. I was so relieved to hear that they loved it and it filled their hearts with joy.  To be honest, I can’t say what my favorite part of this whole evening was. Causing them such joy from the painting, or photographing the connection they have together.

Relationship goals right here. I cannot wait to photograph them during their big day in November.

I talk about loving when I get dream clients. Well, these two are definitely dream clients.

Enjoy the images. And go out there this week and do one sweet thing for someone. You never know what it will mean to them xo

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