Once upon a time, I photographed Julie and Frank‘s wedding, which turned out to be easily one of my favorite weddings ever.  Everyone’s main goal during that wedding was one thing: Have a lot of fun.

Then I got an e-mail from Ross and Chiara, who were close friends with Julie and Frank. So of course when they asked me to send the contract I was thinking “YES YES YES! More awesome people!!!” This is why I love referrals so much. Because awesome humans tend to hang out with other awesome humans.

Chiara and Ross were married in the Hayward Hills at the Stonebrae country club, which overlooks the San Francisco Bay.  The tragic fires of Sonoma county had just started weeks before. As the fires blazed on, they covered up the entire view from the Hayward Hills. I fell more in love with these two when as much as they wanted to see the bay, they figured they were going to just have a blast and hope for a pretty view on their wedding day. However, if there wasn’t a view they were ok with that as well. They were just grateful that their big day was there,  and

While the smoke wasn’t completely gone, it lifted enough to see that incredible view of the Bay Area behind Chiara and Ross as they exchanged their vows.   And oh, what a view it was. 

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I just fell in love with all of their ceremony details. My second shooter, Chet got this amazing photograph of Chiara going down the aisle with her father. This is why I love bringing the best second shooters!

august veils portland by heather elizabeth photography  

…And then there was the moment the majestic veil decided it wanted to greet their guests. Love it!

Liancarlo - Brides for a Cause Portland wedding gown by Heather Elizabeth Photography Liancarlo - Brides for a Cause Portland wedding gown Liancarlo - Brides for a Cause Portland wedding gown
And then there was the panda head… pandamonium 😉 (yes I went there).


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