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Gratitude doesn’t cut it

I cannot put into words the gratitude I have for every single person who has had something to do with my business over the past 8 years. 8 years. 8 years of couples, stories, and photographs. I’ve given my heart and soul to this business. In fact, I even got so lost in it that I forgot who I was aside from the camera. You’ve watched me grow. From the first weddin[...]

A year with my Barn Babies

Do you remember Nicole and Mark's country wedding?   It was at this wedding that I met the most adorable litter of buff-colored kittens. Throughout the day these kittens were little guests at the wedding reception. Sitting on shoulders. Playing with flowers. Stealing cuddles during conversations. These weren't just any ordinary barn kittens.  When the o[...]

Do all things in Love

I recently read an incredible book. It is called The Alchemist. For a year or so now I have been on this journey of self improvement and spiritual discovery. What direction am I going? How can I make all things I want in life into creation? How can I make my time on this physical earth the greatest experience I possibly can have?  The Alchemist finally gave me the [...]

Why choose San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer Heather Elizabeth? You are searching for hours and hours online for the perfect photographer. You have a collection of Pinterest boards, bookmarks, and business cards laying everywhere. At some point, all the photos start looking the same. So why should you choose me as your wedding photographer? How am I diff[...]

The Bucket List

I freaking love my job. Photography has given me such amazing opportunities in life. Photographing weddings have given me the ability to see things that I never dreamt I would see as a small town girl from Castro Valley, California. However, I have been blessed enough to photograph weddings at some of the places on my travel bucket list including New York, Baltimore, [...]

Puerto Rico | Film and Travel

The season is upon me. My plants are dying. Dishes pile up. My dog isn't getting quite as many baths as he should have (which he is quite happy about). I forget my work outs because I want to get that next session finished and then all of a sudden it's midnight and I should probably sleep. And then the last casualty of wedding season... the blog. Yes... Wedding [...]

I didn't know what to expect. Heck, part of me didn't even want to do it. I was going completely out of my comfort zone. I was going alone into not only a cabin with three room mates that I had never met... but into a whole camp with 400+ photographers running around.  Other than at weddings, I basically avoid situations like this unless I have my best friend or br[...]