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Brittany + Mattia | A Big Sur Bohemian engagement

January 30, 2016

There is something wonderful about embarking on a journey down the coast of Big Sur. If you’ve driven down that breathtaking coast you know exactly what I am talking about. Countless times I have gotten in my car and just driven down that highway filling my heart with inspiration. Randomly pulling aside on the road in my dirty Dodge Challenger and finding hidden nooks and crannies. Instead of heading strait to the popular locations in Big Sur, I opted to search down that highway for the hidden treasures.  I found these spots way before this shoot was even conceived, being the proud adventurer that I am. What’s better than the stunning views of Big Sur? Those stunning Big views minus the crowds in the background!

When Brittany and Mattia originally booked me they had no idea where they wanted to go with the direction of their shoot. Instead they gave me their total trust in my ability to style and pick a location that I felt would really represent them. Upon chatting with Brittany more I was able to find out that she loved all things Bohemian. Mattia and her’s favorite places to go together on romantic getaways always included the beach. Using the knowledge about them, I decided my concept, shared it with them, and with excitement we started planning. Add in the talent of Freckled Floral and my vision was about to come alive!

I was able to witness these love birds share moments together in the lush beauty of the landscape. What a joy to click my shutter to! Brittany and Mattia are business owners together, parents of a beautiful son, and now are embarking on this journey through engagement to their wedding day. It was such an amazing artistic experience to photograph their Big Sur Engagement. I cannot wait to document their wedding in Santa Cruz this year.

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amazing work! thank you for sharing

To be honest, most stunning engagement photo session you have captured.

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