I have so much excitement I almost cannot contain it.

So many creative ideas flooding my head lately. Plans on how to make a wedding photography experience with me be one of love and happiness.  I don’t want to merely give my couples pretty photographs. I want to give them an incredible experience having their wedding story photographed. In my work, I try not to compete with other photographers. I don’t look at the new top names in the area. I don’t photograph my pictures to be better than anyone else in the industry. When I document, I document to create. I want to create images full of beauty and love.

Great things are coming once everything is caught up with this insane wedding season. After the galleries and albums are all finished and delivered I can get started. New special gifts for my couples. New tools to help my couples get the best out of the photography.


2017 has been an incredibly soul-searching year for me as an artist. The connection I feel to my work now is one that I have never felt before. It’s just authentically photographed with the intention of creating rather than competing.  My heart is full and I am so eternally grateful for every step of this journey that all of my bride and grooms have taken me on over the past 9 years.





Hispanic bride summer San Jose country club wedding

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I listened to the all those Disney films and followed my dreams. Now I get to go on adventures and make art for incredible humans.

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