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I’ll name the Dogs

Dear internet readers,I must confess - I am not a fan of Blake Shelton.  However, I cannot help but adore that new little diddy playing on the radio.  I also cannot help but adore venues like The Mountain Terrace that allow furry friends to join in on some wedding celebrations.  "Girl, it's high time, I tell ya No more messin' around Time to lay these [...]

I pinched myself this day to figure out if this was for real.I had met Nicole and David months before... and they were just a joy to go out and photograph their engagement session. During the wedding planning process it was so great to have someone like Nicole keep me so in the loop and have such communication even when we weren't shooting. It really gave that feeli[...]

Antoine loves Jenn.This was documented on the internet when Jenn created their adorable wedding website herself at antoinelovesjennifer.com.To get an idea of the kind of people that this couple is, they originally started their journey during their college years while painting the Church nursery.  They already have a mini-family started with their sweet (and quite[...]