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I remember the day that Julia and I first chatted on the phone about her upcoming wedding to the love of her life, Taylor.  In the first ten minutes, I felt like this woman could have been a lifelong friend. We shared the same sense of humor, the same love of laughing and the same view on weddings. She wanted to find a storyteller for her day, rather than someone who [...]

When Philip e-mail me about photographing his marriage to Chris, I knew from those first few exchanges that it was a story I wanted to tell.  We bonded over emails over our mutual love of little orange cats. I remember when he sent me their proposal story on how Chris brought Philip breakfast in bed, and even their sweet orange kitty Miles hopped up to be part of the [...]

On a beautiful day in October, I was lucky to be able to join Sarah and Michael at the beautiful Mountain Terrace. There was an incredible amount of zingers, awkward posing, and overall ridiculousness. Sarah and Michael were a couple that just got me. Understood my human. Knew when I was joking a[...]

There's a lot of crazy things that can happen on every given day. Tons of last minute crisis's. Tons of whoopsies. Loads of "Did that just happen"s. It's a thing called life. It can surprise us, disappoint us, and amaze us all in one moment. Sometimes all in one day.But there is something beautiful about seeing two peo[...]