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All of you cynics are right. Love isn’t perfect. Love isn’t some fairy tale that you meet Prince Charming and he whisks you off on the white horse. It just isn’t real. Real Love is so much better than that. Real love comes at you when you might just not be ready for each other. Through that love together you are going to fight. You are going to break each other’s he[...]

We met on a sunny afternoon. I joined McKenna for a glass of wine (well, I just wished I could have a glass but told myself to be good) on the patio at Wente Vineyards. There was something different about this first meeting. It's usually a bit of breaking the ice. I must admit, I get a lot of nerves. Probably ramble too much. But this was different. It felt like meeti[...]

Parents and Love

There's something that I think is incredibly important in my life that I don't acknowledge. It's the people that I owe my life. The people that in some way shape or form helped me become the wonderful mess / beauty / successful person / weird human that I am today. That's my parents.There are lots of moments that define us as a person. That totally change what we [...]

I am not sure how I can accurately describe the experience of photographing Bethany and Jake's wedding. It was just one of those weddings that really hit me close. From the first moment I met Bethany and Jake, I knew that their wedding was going to be on that I would remember. I have to say, it was my first time meeting a potential bride and groom where their dog was [...]

Tara & Kevin | Married

From our first meeting, I knew how much Tara’s family meant to her. She told me about her fiancé, her friends, her family, and her Grandpa that she was hoping his health would stay good for her wedding coming up in about a year. Tara and I always kept in contact over the months coming up to her wedding. I had a blast finally meeting Kevin for their engagement session,[...]