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You're on your own, in a world you've grown Few more years to go, Don't let the hurdle fall So be the girl you loved, Be the girl you loved I'll wait, so show me why you're strong Ignore everybody else, We're alone now I'll wait, so show me why you're strong Ignore everybody else, We're alone now Suddenly I'm hip Is this darkness of the dawn And your frie[...]

Light danced through the trees as Jasmine and Bryce stood behind that glorious redwood tree and said their vows. As they both reside in Baltimore, Maryland, I wasn't able to meet the couple before their wedding day, but the second I arrived I felt like I had known them and their families for years. So overwhelmingly kind and welcomed me to document their story.Jas[...]

There were so many things about this wedding that made up my incredible experience with this family. It wasn’t just the actual wedding day, it was the history and time spent getting to know not just Kat and Andrew, but getting to know their families as well. It took a while to get here but I am so stoked that I got to be a part of the stories of two sister’s wedding d[...]

It was a tiny, tiny wedding.Ashlee described her wedding as I looked at her and Matt's wedding rings. I made a comment how small they were, and she said very cutely "We are tiny people! There will be many tiny things at our wedding!"The tiny little penguin cake toppers. Tiny honey jars for their guests. Tiny lanterns to light the table. Everything was so small[...]

 Stephanie and Christopher are two of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. To them, their wedding didn't need the normal traditions. It just needed them, an adorable little white dress, and their loved ones to witness their union. They even gave up the traditional ceremony with an aisle - they simply had their guests sit down for dinn[...]

Wedding at the Flood Mansion Sometimes it's nice to jump in the 2nd shooter position. Especially for other awesome photographers that need some help for the day. Thanks so much to my friend Kelly for bringing me along for this beautiful wedding... and for saving me a parking spot and helping my park Dodge Challenger in a tiny parking spot in San Francisco. It was one[...]

It's all in the details.The lavender placed throughout the wedding day. A special moment between Felice and all of her mothers as she pinned their flowers on their blouses. The bride and groom cake topper with the tiny bride grabbing the groom's bum. All the little DIY touches. Felice trying to re-read her vows over and over again in hopes that she wouldn't cry duri[...]