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Ashlee + Matt | Wildwood Acres Resort Wedding, Layfayette, California

September 5, 2013

It was a tiny, tiny wedding.

Ashlee described her wedding as I looked at her and Matt’s wedding rings. I made a comment how small they were, and she said very cutely “We are tiny people! There will be many tiny things at our wedding!”

The tiny little penguin cake toppers. Tiny honey jars for their guests. Tiny lanterns to light the table. Everything was so small and sweet. It really reflected their sweetness and kindness as a couple that I had been so lucky to get to know over the past year since they had booked me on a rainy day at Starbucks for their wedding. Their wedding had beautiful Christian music playing throughout the day – another reflection of the couple and their love of God in their life.

Ashlee and Matt – Thank you for letting me be a part of your tiny, sweet, beautiful wedding day. You are beautiful inside and out.

wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding001 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding002 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding003 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding004 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding005 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding006 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding007 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding008 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding009 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding010 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding011 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding012 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding013 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding014 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding015 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding016 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding017 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding018 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding019 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding020 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding021 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding022 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding023 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding024 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding025 wildwood_acres_resort_sweet_kawaii_wedding026


So much love, joy, and beauty in this set…well done Heather!

Light through the trees cermony shot is so jaw dropping beautiful!!!

Beautiful location for the ceremony .. love the father daughter dance .. very moving!

The ceremony is gorgeous, and you did a great job capturing it!

Such a beautiful wedding. The location is so dreamy!

great job capturing the feel of this wedding. such a beautiful, intimate wedding day!

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