We met on a sunny afternoon. I joined McKenna for a glass of wine (well, I just wished I could have a glass but told myself to be good) on the patio at Wente Vineyards. There was something different about this first meeting. It’s usually a bit of breaking the ice. I must admit, I get a lot of nerves. Probably ramble too much. But this was different. It felt like meeting up with an old friend I had for years. We clicked just like that. We had so much in common, and really just got each other.

What was going to be a quick meeting to book turned into an afternoon of chatting and laughter. Talking about our lives, and I really got to know McKenna. That long afternoon then turned into a fun dinner with McKenna, Brian, and some of Brian’s friends and family. It was just so natural. No nerves, just a lot of jokes and fun. I even was offered samples of everyone’s beers.

Sometimes that’s just how it is. Not that one connection is better than the other. Just that all of our lives connect in different ways. Sometimes it’s gradual, sometimes it’s just so instant.

Purple Orchids, exquisite hair and make-up, and tranquil candlelight were some of the features of McKenna and Brian’s wedding day. Livermore is usually incredibly hot this time of year, but a gentle breeze flowed through making it the absolute perfect day in July to get married. A warm breeze, vows made, and love all night.

Thank you so much to my friend Jon for assisting. You’re my american idol.

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