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Matt + Madison | A glamorous wedding at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada

May 7, 2014

I love to create. I love to watch people’s guards fall down. To see people be completely vulnerable around me even though I’m there with that big metal box pointed at them. I love walking into a wedding and seeing where the light is bouncing, where the shadows are laying.

Vegas has a bad rap for weddings. They are thought to be cheap, last minute, trash, and not very well thought through. However, Madison and Matt’s wedding changed that perception by showing that they can be sweet, emotional, and incredibly stylish. Madison wore a stunning, simple and glamorous Nicole Miller gown and a glitzy headband. There was no Elvis. There was no poofy dress. There was no drive through ceremony. There was sweetness, love, and elegance surrounding two people completely in love with each other.

Photography has given me such a gift to travel and document so many different people and places. What else would have given be a job that entailed taking photos at the pent house suite of the MGM grand of a gorgeous couple? I’ve been able to travel to Washington DC, Baltimore, Portland and several other beautiful US locations and gotten paid for it, and sometime’s I just have to pinch myself. The people are all so different, the styles, and of course the stories.

Aside from shooting this glitzy wedding in Vegas, I got to spend a whole week with one of my best friends. Thank you so much to my dear friend Sara who not only let me spend the whole week with her and her family, but assisted me on this wedding. I tossed her a camera during the day to shoot some photos as well and some of these are her’s as well.

So basically, Vegas brides – send me to Vegas so I can see my dear friend more. 😉 Thank you so much to Madison and Matt for bringing me out to Vegas to document their beautiful celebration.

Nicole Miller bridal gown hanging up in a pent house suite at the MGM Grand in Las VegasBridal shoes at the Pent House Suite at the MGM grand in Las VegasFine Art Las Vegas Wedding Photographymgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer004Victoria's Secret Wedding Bridal mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer007mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer008Pent House Suite at the MGM Grandmgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer010mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer011mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer012mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer013mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer014mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer015mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer016mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer017mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer018mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer019mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer020mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer021mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer022mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer023mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer024mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer025mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer026mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer028Romantic wedding photograph on the balcony of the pent house suite at the mgm grandmgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer030mgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer031Creative fine art mgm grand wedding photographymgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer033Creative wedding photography at the MGM Grand Las VegasBridal party portraits at the MGM GrandLas Vegas Wedding Photo Journalismmgm-grand-glitzy-las-vegas-weddingphotographer037


precisely I became looking for!

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WOW!! Stunning !!! love the set on the balcony

Nobody besides hubby is allowed in the junk clu..t.esbot praying that God will continue to heal me of my hoarding, and in turn, send a special friend or two whom I can welcome into the house, and perhaps even show them the junk closet. He's begun the work in me, but He isn't finished yet.

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Great photos! Im actually going to vegas next month! Will definitely go to the MGM grand to take a look around!

She is a VISION and those rooftop shots are beyond amazing…you sure know how to kill it girl!!!

WOW dude! Everything is stunning!

Really great images, did a double take on that wall art-almost had me!

Very elegant, unique and fabulous! Perfect capture!

Wow, awesome detail shots, you really captured the mood well. Nice one 🙂

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