From our first meeting, I knew how much Tara’s family meant to her. She told me about her fiancé, her friends, her family, and her Grandpa that she was hoping his health would stay good for her wedding coming up in about a year.
Tara and I always kept in contact over the months coming up to her wedding. I had a blast finally meeting Kevin for their engagement session, as well as chatting with her online about her wedding.

It broke my heart to find out of her grandfather’s passing months before her wedding day. I knew how important he was to her. And seeing as how I had just lost 4 people in my family that I loved last year, my heart ached for her.

Their wedding day came up, and the energy was positive from the second I walked in the room. Her closest family and friends helped her get ready to marry her best friend. And from the months of talking to her since she asked me to photographer her wedding, I felt like I was just her friend there that happened to take photos. Every second you saw Tara and Kevin look at each other, you saw just how excited they were just to be in the same room with each other. And surrounding them you could see just how happy their friends and family were to be there celebrating their union. Even her grandpa was there – in spirit and symbolized through a tiny toad sitting on their head table.

Thank you my friends, for letting me be not only a part of your wedding day, but part of your lives since I met you last year, and hopefully for years to come.


This needs to happen more often :