It’s always a sweet treat when you are photographing a wedding that shouldn’t have happened.

I had a rare weekend off in June. Which was particularly odd because every year I basically say goodbye to weekend plans as I am shooting a wedding or session every single day of the month. I kept waiting for someone to book that day, but it never came.

Then about a month before that weekend… I got an email from a sweet bride named Lauren inquiring about her small, intimate San Francisco wedding coming up last minute. And since I happened to be available and we were able to make all the details work, I finally filled up that last Saturday. I checked out photos of the venue, chatted with Lauren and her mother and just had this great feeling about the wedding coming up.

It was small, yet filled with so much vintage glamour my camera just ate it up. Lauren’s custom designed vintage gown blew everyone’s mind. She looked absolutely divine.

Thank you so much Lauren and Alex for finding me at the last minute. Thank you for Alex for me being the only photographer out of all that you looked at that you liked. Thanks for Alex’s brother Spike for randomly sitting with me during dinner to give me some pointers on the family. Thank you to San Francisco for being perfect light as always.

sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church001 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church002 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church003 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church004 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church006 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church007 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church008 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church009 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church011 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church012 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church013 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church014 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church015 intimate wedding ceremony at the swedenborgian church in san francisco sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church017 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church018 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church019 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church020 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church021 sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church023 fine art bridal image at the swedenborgian church in san francisco by heather elizabeth photography sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church027sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church029sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church030sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church031sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church032sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church033sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church037sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church038sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church039sanfrancisco_swedenborgian_church040