Brandon and Jennifer’s wedding today was stunning. Just as the sun was starting to go down, everyone raced back to the reception location in order to get some quick photographs in the golden hour light.

I was expecting a last minute portrait session, not allowing me to really create what I wanted to.

I was very wrong.  The sky took on a whole new life in that 10 minute rush. Something beautiful was starting.

Rainbow sunset wedding portrait by Heather Elizabeth Photography

Several hours later it started to sprinkle. Seemed so odd and out of place.

I hopped into my car after the night was over. High on the feeling of ending a beautiful day. A phone call comes in while we pull away from the private Ranch.

It was a phone call to notify me that my uncle had passed,  after months fighting with lung cancer.

I told my friend tonight that life is insane and beautiful. I think it sums it up pretty well. The rain started right around the time my uncle passed, for just a few moments. That phone call not getting through until I was leaving. Everything was so perfectly timed.

Without loss we wouldn’t cherish what we love so much. We wouldn’t have such loss had we never felt that love to begin with.  As a journey ended today, another one began. And such the cycle will continue.

Today I am so grateful. Grateful for the months I got to spend with my uncle since he was diagnosed in January. Grateful to have a job where I get to do something that really means something.

I think today’s random flood of beauty was God’s way of telling everyone “It will be ok.”

Thank you Jennifer and Brandon for truly being the light of my day