I’ve been a busy little bee lately.

For a moment I feel like I lost who I was. I think perhaps we have all been there at one point. In the last 8 months I have suffered from a killer ear infection, Bell’s Palsy, kidney issues putting me in and out of the hospital, as well as fracturing my ankle two times over that time period.  Add in some personal things and it’s definitely been a challenge.  My passion for my photography and creating was shadowed by the chaos, and only came to visit when I was on assignment. Even shooting a wedding last November on crutches, it made me remember how much I loved what I do. It made me miss it and wish I could walk competently again.


In the past few weeks I’ve gotten back up on my feet. I put the camera in my hand not only for assignments… but for me. I found me, again. I found the person who can’t wake up without doing something photography related. And I told myself I would never lose me again. Not only picking up the camera, but making life changes to really ensure I stay happy and healthy. Life is looking up and I am so excited for the rest of 2013 and beyond.


I am a little embarrassed to admit everything I have gone through the last few months, and how I felt it swallowing me up. I do believe that God puts us through all things for a reason, and I believe that this was to make me better and stronger than ever in my life and in my craft. I feel more passionate than ever about life, photography, and the opportunities and people that it’s brought into my life.


Here is a few frames from my recent sessions. Stoked for more to be coming up from an incredibly packed schedule in the next few months.

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