Sometimes my job is just kind of unreal.  When Sean and Susannah booked me for their Washington DC wedding months ago, I actually had a hard time believing I would actually be doing it. Seemed way too good to be true… “what.. I am getting paid to the US Capitol? PINCH ME!!!”. No one pinched me, so I was still left in this daze of excitement.  It wasn’t until I was leaving for my early morning flight in April that it finally hit me.

Now, here is the thing with flying out of the area to photograph someone’s wedding – Everything is up to chance. It could go smoothly… or it could be a disaster. You just roll with the punches.  Without getting into every tiny detail, let’s just say everything that could go wrong during my trip to Washington DC…. did go wrong. Down to my hotel room probably being the only room in the hotel with a leaky toilet.   It was filled with a lot of stress and anxiety, but the second I showed up to Susannah and Sean’s place to photograph Susannah getting ready… it seemed to all just kind of fall into place.   I saw how excited her and her family was and from that moment on the stress of the trip didn’t really matter anymore and this was going to be an amazing day.

All 13 hours of photographing this wedding was filled with fun, excitement, and just enough chaos.  One of the finest moments of the day would have to be the moment I saw Susannah with that “pinch me is this real?” look on her face while she looked at her ring in the limo ride to the Capitol for group photos.

“Oh my God, I’m married!”.

As my first wedding of 2012, if this is any indication of what my year will be… it’s going to be pretty mind blowing.