My beloved BFF, Poot. He is a sensitive little soul.

“Be here. Be present. Wherever you are, be there.”
― Willie Nelson


The Why

We are all made of stories. All the little pieces... stars in the sky that all together make up the constellation of our families.

I document because I know how important these stories are. I document because there is this ridiculously amazing beauty in the love, the laughter, the chaos.

The moment my subjects bust out laughing and are their most honest and happiest selves to me.

The moment that the father of the Groom looks at his son with this immense proudness that words really could never express.

The moment after the ceremony where I take my couple alone and they really just breath in that moment together in the quiet. A bride's head on her groom's shoulder smelling his cologne and just feeling so blessed in that moment.

This is why I document.

I document because art is in my heart and soul.

I choose to document weddings and portraits because it's truly the most personal art I can create.



The Who

Hello, I'm Heather.

I grew up blessed enough to have parents that never told me that I should get a safe job that just brings in money. I grew up with a Mama and Daddy that fully supported when I wanted to be a comic book artist at 14. When I wanted to become a painter at 16. When I wanted to become an actor at 18. When I picked up my camera and decided I needed to document the beautiful things in the world at 19.

Perhaps they had more faith in me than I did at the time.

I didn't think this dream was possible. I was working at a 9-5 job doing graphic design because it was safe. I would get off of work, come home, plan photo shoots with my little Sony camera that I had paid for myself. I dreamed of taking photos for a living.

The world has a way of shoving you into what you need the most. I lost that job and at 22 I was left thinking "well... why not?"

In that first year I booked 28 weddings. I had nothing but a camera, some good work ethics instilled in me, and a Craigslist ad.

Well, that was about 150 weddings ago.

This life that I live now is something from a dream. I am a Fur Momma to my little dog, Poot. Road trips, travel, reading, art, and my sweet animals are what make my life incredible. Most of these things came into my life thanks to photography.  I am so grateful for the life that it has given me, and so stoked for what's coming up.

So if you're a dreamer and living your life to the fullest and in love with a fellow dreamer.... let's chat.

The How

How do you tell a good story?

Better question. How do you tell someone else's story well?

You listen. You read between the lines. You build trust.  It's only through getting close and learning those small details that you can really learn about your subjects.

I cannot tell your story with just my voice.  Yes it is my eye that will create the final image, but it is all the work before hand that really allows me to use that gift to the fullest.

I want to hear about how you and your mother are best friends.  How all of your bridesmaids were in ballet class with you. How your Best Man has literally been in your life since the 3rd grade.

The ultimate bravery is letting your guard down to really let yourself be known. To not be afraid of what someone thinks if you can't hold in your tears.  To not be afraid to bust out laughing hysterically during an awkward moment in your ceremony.

How do I tell stories as well as I do? I am not afraid to become close to these people who you see in my photographs.