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Kat + Andrew | Cloister’s Castle, Maryland

October 8, 2013

There were so many things about this wedding that made up my incredible experience with this family. It wasn’t just the actual wedding day, it was the history and time spent getting to know not just Kat and Andrew, but getting to know their families as well. It took a while to get here but I am so stoked that I got to be a part of the stories of two sister’s wedding days over the past three years. I originally photographed the wedding of Kat’s sister, Roxanne back in 2011.  That’s where I originally met Kat for the first time. So it was of course super exciting when she contacted me the following year about her wedding in Baltimore.  Not only did she want me there, but was willing to do whatever she could to afford to fly me out to capture her and Andrew’s day. I don’t need to tell you how flattering that is. She didn’t just want a photographer she wanted my vision to tell her and Andrew’s story.

Upon flying into Baltimore I spent a day or so looking around the area by myself and meeting up with some online buddies face to face. I drank some of the local brews, ate some of the most delicious ice cream ever (thanks Jennifer!) and ate some of the most delicious gluten-free pizza ever (Thanks Nessa!). Then I got the chance to reunite with Kat and finally got to meet Andrew. I got to see familiar faces in Roxanne and Tanner, as well as Roxanne and Kat’s incredibly kind and sweet parents. I got to talk some camera nerd talk with Kat and Roxanne’s father, Ding for a bit too! We all met up at the venue for the initial walk through, as well as then they welcomed me to their family luncheon with Andrew’s family as well for some of the most delicious fresh Maryland Blue Crab that I have ever had. Which is good since I had only had our little California crabs out here ;)? I had to pinch myself for a moment thinking “Do I really get hired by people this awesome?”

The next day I showed up for the wedding with the awesome Nessa second shooting with me and after knowing how great this family was that we were in for a pretty wonderful wedding. It was hot and sticky, but it just didn’t matter. There were hugs and delicious food and tons of partying on the dance floor. I felt like one of the guests that day surrounded by familiar friendly faces that were happy to have me there.

In Labajo bride tradition, Kat surprised everyone by singing a special song during the reception.  Andrew looked just so blissfully happy as his wife sang “1000 Years” to him in front of all their friends and family.

Thank you so much, Kat and Andrew for bringing me along on this journey. Thank you so much to the Labajo family for continuing to show me such love and support through the years.  Thank you to Andrew’s parents for the delicious amazing crab luncheon I got to be a part of. It’s in times like these that all the hard work. The hours and hours of editing, and travel, and emails, and design, and all the work that goes into being a full time photographer that I know it’s all worth it.  It is so, very worth it.

And another HUGE Thank you goes out to the adorable  and wonderful Nessa who not only second shot this wedding with me, but also gave me her Mac n’ Cheese.

baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding001 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding002 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding003 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding004 creative wedding photography at the cloister's castle in baltimore maryland by heather elizabeth photography baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding010 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding006 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding007 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding008 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding009 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding056baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding026baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding011 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding012Fine art bridal portrait at the Cloister's Castle by Heather Elizabeth Photography baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding014 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding016 Father walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding ceremony at the Cloister's Castle in Baltimore Maryland by Heather Elizabeth Photography baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding018baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding019 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding020 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding021 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding022 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding023 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding024 First kiss at a wedding ceremony at the Cloister's Castle in Baltimorebaltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding027 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding028 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding029 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding030 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding031 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding032 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding033 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding034 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding035 wedding photo journalism at the Cloister's Castle in Baltimore Maryland by Heather ELizabeth Photography baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding037 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding038 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding039 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding040 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding041 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding042 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding043 Bride singing to her groom during their wedding reception at the Cloister's Castle in Baltimore Maryland by Heather Elizabeth Photography baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding045 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding046 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding047 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding048 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding049 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding050 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding051 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding052 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding053 baltimore_cloisters_castle_peacock_wedding054 Epic stairway portrait at the Cloister's Castle in Baltimore for a wedding by Heather Elizabeth Photography


The portrait of Kat next to the window .. Wow!

Great work! What an awesome looking venue!

Beautiful coverage of a clearly beautiful day. Great work!

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