There’s something that I think is incredibly important in my life that I don’t acknowledge. It’s the people that I owe my life. The people that in some way shape or form helped me become the wonderful mess / beauty / successful person / weird human that I am today. That’s my parents.

There are lots of moments that define us as a person. That totally change what we eventually become. And I think many of those moments in all of our lives are the people that brought us here in the first place. You can have both of your parents… one… or you could have lost them. But those people hold such high impact on how we interact with others, the choices we make, and the dreams we follow. It’s done in such small ways that maybe you don’t even realize that they pushed you in such directions. It probably won’t come to you until it’s this small tiny whisper in the back of your mind when you catch yourself saying the exact same phase that your mom did for all those years (and it’s of course a phrase you hated when they used it!). Or when you find yourself holding your coffee cup half asleep every morning just like your father did.

I post a lot of pictures here of my bride and grooms in love and celebrating their commitment to each other. That is the point of the day, of course. But there is a lot more to a wedding day that drives me to do what I do. While I do love to document this important event in their life… there’s so many things happening in different relationships on the sidelines. For the sake of this little rambling I am doing on the internet right now… the relationships between parent and child really grip me. I’ve always felt drawn to really paying attention to these connections and capturing those moments that happen sometimes in the corner when no one is looking.  I like capturing moments that maybe the child didn’t even catch.

Even in the cases that a parent was gone, there are always tributes that I look for.  Remembrance keeps our loved ones that have passed alive. I’ve seen it in a candle lit. A token of remembrance on a bouquet. A photograph in place of the missing parent. They are always there in spirit. You can’t hug them, or kiss them, but they are there. At least that’s what my heart feels.

It’s those people that helped the bride and groom come to be the people that they eventually became, to end up where they then came together. Be it positive or negative experiences, they were all building blocks.  I know that one day the place that I eventually end up I will have my parents to thank for helping me be strong enough to get there.  All the good times, the bad times, will eventually lead to a pretty damn good story to tell.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. And I think a huge reason why I love wedding photography is the gift to not only capture romantic love, but so many different kinds that are radiating off everyone that day.  Witnessing and photographing such bonds makes me really feel like one day I am going to leave this earth knowing I made someone’s life better through the images I captured.

Now go hug your parents and buy them dinner tonight.  🙂

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