This has been a year of transformation for me. It’s been a year of really coming into my own and learning who I am as a photographer and a person. Feeling more comfortable in my skin so that I can create the things I want to create and trusting that my client will love it. By putting myself out there for who I am, I feel like I am truly creating imagery I love and that represents my couples.

I feel like I’ve always gotten clients that trusted me. But did I trust myself? I think I have created beautiful images throughout the years that I am proud of. But there was that wall… can I try this? Can I try that? Will they think I am weird if I make them do that?

Natanya and Simeon helped me create beautiful images that were true to what I love. They trusted me, they shared my vision. I trusted myself to create something they would adore. It was a good feeling to open up a shoot with while sitting at Insight Coffee waiting for our early morning engagement session.

Things just clicked. We shared some delicious (and very pretty) coffees before we started shooting. We wanted something that wasn’t just a photo session of set up portraits, but something with a documentary flair as well. Something that really documented the things they loved doing together as a couple.

They trusted me enough to let me into their world. To document their relationship. To create amazing images representing them.

And I trusted myself to do just that, and I’m pretty happy with what I created.

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