Families are all different. They come in all shapes and sizes.  And there is a unique beauty to all of them.

Alaina married my cousin Dustin and had two beautiful little babies with him. Madison and Nolen share such great characteristics of both their mother and father it’s so great to watch them run around and interact with each other. Nolen is so emotional while Madison will try to comfort him. Always with “It’s ok, Bubba!” with a little pat on the head.  Madison is such a proper lady, that when she put on her sweater dress for the shoot and her mom tried to put pants on under it she said “No momma it’s a dress” and picked out some cute tights to wear. Oh so fashionable!

In 2010 tragedy hit our family when their father passed away on New Years Eve. It was hard on the whole family, and Nolen wasn’t even a year old. Since then Alaina has been raising the kids on her own, along with the help from family. And they have been growing up to be such charming, gentle, sweet kids that are a total blast to be around. They had so much character during our session that we ended up walking away with some really darling portraits. Nolen was being a slight butt head, however Madison would cheer him on “C’mon Bubba!”. So much stinkin’ cute.  Nolen actually wore his father’s childhood Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweater as a sweet tribute to Daddy.

And also, for all you nerds out there – Alaina’s last name is Dragon. And she has baby Dragons. Therefore she is the mother of Dragons. It’s ok to be jealous.

Thank you for being incredible and raising some incredible little Dragons, Alaina. You rock and I love you.