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Each year I get so excited to start on the new set of engagement sessions for the upcoming new wedding season.  New clients, new weddings, new stories to tell.  Michael and Charlotte are my first engagement session for 2014’s wedding season.

Not only did I go out to photograph their session, but I drove out to where they would be having the wedding at this year to look things over and get to know them better.  After meeting up with them, we took off to a park that Charlotte knew of right around the corner from where they were getting married and went on a bit of a hike while capturing some great photos while chasing the light over the mountains.

“Stop! We got light! We got light!” It was a fun game… 🙂

Michael and Charlotte were also so awesome that they didn’t judge me when I was terrified to go down a very steep hill so that we could get to the lake. I’m just gonna tell myself it was a bonding experience to have both of them help me down while my horrible fear of falling was making me want to literally CRAWL down to get to the water’s edge.  A little embarrassing. Thanks for not judging!  😉

I survived the hike while wearing cowboy boots and not falling down to my doom or re-fracturing any ankles. And I took some pretty pictures. I think it was a success.