I think wedding rules are sort of ridiculous. You’re generally supposed to have your wedding at some grand venue. Jessica and Clark had their wedding in a backyard. Jessica’s dress was supposed to be used for destination weddings while standing on some cliff in Hawaii. She wore it in her backyard wedding. While I tried to photoshop her on to that epic hawaii cliff from the dress ad, I finally decided that she already looked like a super model in the backyard. (Her and I actually had a small discussion on this. It was quite hilarious). The love, the personalities, the small details, the stunning backyard dressed for a wedding, and the beautiful people made this wedding incredible.

To continue the story from the last blog entry, I bring you another wedding in the circle of Cassie and Josh. Cassie and Josh know Kellie and Matt. Cassie and Josh also know Jessica and Clark. Jessica and Clark’s wedding was a sweet summer affair at Clark’s parent’s home in Davis. At the end of the night, they were a beautiful married couple that everyone was celebrating. Also, Josh was there and he can do that funky snake dance on the floor with beer in his cup without spilling it.

Jessica and Clark – you two are awesome and make me not feel so alone in the world as a tall person. Thanks for making me step on my tippy toes. It was refreshing.