In the craziness of my current move to a new house, I am happy to have found time to share Jenn and Antoine’s San Francisco engagement session from a few weeks ago.

As a huge animal fan / lover / cuddlefiend, I was excited when Jenn said she wanted to bring Antoine and her’s dog, JoJo to their engagement shoot at Golden Gate Park. I am pretty sure JoJo has more energy than all four of my dogs all wrapped up into a tiny black and white fluffy body, but no complaints here. Sure, we had some angry locals yelling at us from their window because JoJo let it be known that he was very sad when I was taking pictures of Jenn and Antoine without him,  but it added to the experience.  I like a puppy not afraid to speak their mind.

So excited to be shooting Jenn and Antoine’s wedding at the end of the month!

Enjoy some of my favorites, and now I am going back to editing and unpacking box after box.  Yikes!