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There were quite a few reasons why I enjoyed my session with Jen and Bryan up in the beautiful hills of Tilden Park. First of all, I knew these two were awesome because upon our initial meeting and booking, we met at an ale house. They know good beer, I know good beer, we are beer people and the bonding began right there.  Beer bonding is good bonding – yes. Also it turned out they are getting married on my birthday weekend, which being the birthday princess I am just figured that means their wedding is going to be glorious and so will they. My logic is not flawed at all 😉

When we actually made it to the session, at times my side was hurting from laughing so much. We had to bring it all back to get those romantic, sweet photos. We fought through the session to get beautiful, romantic images of the two of them together in the beautiful trees of Tilden Park. However… at the very end we finally just let them go and get some crazy, ridiculous photos. Engagement sessions aren’t just for the sweet ones, but the ridiculous photos as well that make you question if the internet needs to see them. Well, I thought the internet totally needed to see at least one of these ridiculous images, so enjoy that!

Also, they were so awesome and patient while I was tinkering with my artificial lighting gear that I’ve been experimenting with.  While I love my ability to manipulate natural light and make it look stellar no matter the lighting situation… I think it’s important for a photographer to be able to rock some artificial light if the situation called for it. So I rocked it and they rocked it. I was pretty pleased and am looking forward to using more awesome lighting tricks in future sessions.

Thanks so much for being so rad.  I can’t wait to shoot your wedding this year! Yay for Jen and Bryan 🙂