I am not gonna fib, I learned photography through a Canon Powershot digital camera when I was 16 years old. It’s how I learned to expose, compose, and make awesome. I never touched film because my highschool didn’t offer such a program, because apparently photography wasn’t important to them, and my family had already moved on to digital cameras at that point. I had seen my brother’s film work from his highschool, and while it always intrigued me I didn’t have the funds or means to try the medium for myself. I admired the grittiness and rawness of traditional film, and always tried to mimic is in my digital photography.

Well, I now have the means to use film. Thank goodness for technology changing, one day I picked up a wonderful Canon EOS 100 off Craig’s list, and since taking a college course years ago have fallen in love with it.  Generally I have always mixed my digital and film work in my blog posts, but I figured it would be nice to share a nice selection of film work.


Let me tell you, it’s way easier than digital to make it look awesome. I try to shoot a roll or so every wedding, while staying a primarily digital photographer.


Here are some pretties.