This shoot was going to be completely different. Driving out to Carmel on the 4th of July weekend, I am pretty sure it slipped all of our minds that everyone was on their way out to the same place we were. I arrived early and realized the beautiful downtown area of Carmel was a complete mad house. While beautiful, it would simply be chaos to shoot in such a congested area.

While I waited for Dave and Heidi, I ended up driving around Carmel looking for a coffee shop or book store to kill the time, and happened to drive by the beautiful Mission San Carlos. Randomly, I decided that we should totally change route to our original location and try something else out.

Things ran late, so we started later than intended. In fact the gates to the Mission were already locked when we started. I forgot to bring more film with me for my little Canon film camera so only got two shots in. Little pickles here and there kept happening.

However it ended up being just perfect. The light was at the perfect place in the sky throughout the whole shoot. The surrounding area of the Mission was absolutely beautiful. The Beach we then moved on to was so underpopulated and the sun was just perfect.   Smoooooth like butta’. (or I can’t believe it’s not Butter? So I don’t feel guilty about so much awesome).


So excited to shoot Dave and Heidi’s wedding next month. They are such a joy to photograph.