To be honest, I feel like I am in a daze right now. I feel like I was writing this same message last Monday, with the passing of my Uncle Kenny Wayne.

In the early morning of New Years Eve, I was woken up by my mother. During the night my cousin, Dusty had passed away.  We aren’t sure what happened… just that his heart just stopped beating.

I thought deaths happened in threes. I for some reason thought that we were safe from more heartache. I just felt like if we got through the new year we would be safe. My family, as broken and small as we have become over the years… would be safe for 2011.  We just couldn’t make it out of 2010.

I have asked for much forgiveness from my client’s this last year. From my Uncle Ed’s death in April, to Uncle David in October, than my Uncle Kenny Wayne just last week. And now, Dustin.  While I type this I actually thought “This is actually getting the the point of unbelievable”.

I apologize for the delays lately in photograph return and e-mails. I thank you deeply for your understanding of the current situations. I assure you I am doing the best I can.

My heart is so broken right now. This is my family. The ones that I remember from my youth. The ones that have always been there.

Life is so fleeting.  I hope you all have a beautiful New Year.  Pick up the phones. Call your loved ones. Hug them, never let a day go by that they don’t know how important to you that they are. Never take a moment with them for granted.