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Ari + Darren | A Love Fest at the Isis Oasis

October 15, 2014

Let me tell you about this warm day in June.

It was already special day. Darren’s parents were celebrating their anniversary. His mother wore her whimsical blue wedding gown from her special day, while Ari stepped into her soft white gown to walk down the aisle to her husband.

Friends and family held hands as they danced around the couple in their respective rooms during the start of the traditional B’deken ceremony. Claps filled the room as Darren walked in the stain glass room to see Ari and lower the veil over her face. The energy surging through

the room was unlike anything I had seen at any wedding before. Tears of joy streamed down faces. Ari’s smile was infectious. Both the bride and groom’s parents smiled proudly as they saw their children about to be joined together.

All this love even before Ari walked down the aisle.

It was a whirl wind of emotion. These two people met by chance, to end up here. Under that tree. Sharing this moment.

I was there to photograph it. My beautiful friend Courtney was there to document the day with me.

Let the love flow.

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Such an awesome wedding. Great captures!

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