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Ali + Jon | A wedding at the Four Seasons, Santa Barbara

June 10, 2014

Surround yourself with incredible people.

I have found that most people tend to take this advice. I hadn’t for such a long time, but by the time I turned 28 I definitely felt it was time to do so. The past year I’ve focused on purging the unhealthy from my life, and surrounding myself with incredible, talented, and all around great people. I got the nerve to ask some incredible talent to second shoot for me. I got coffee with some great minds. I made new close friends that are lasting two-way friendships, rather than fleeting toxic ones.

Most people don’t take as long as I do to find great people in their life. I’m going to call them a bit more wiser than I am. I’m going to say I am quite thankful for that because it introduces me to more wonderful people. I photographed Courtney and Joey’s wedding a few years back and to this day they remain some of my favorite people. So of course, they keep company with some other really great people. Awesome people tend to keep really awesome people as friends. So when Ali contacted me about photographing her wedding after seeing my photograph’s taken at Courtney’s wedding… I was instantly stoked at the prospect. Then she told me it would be at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara. Increase excitement by 100%.

When I showed up I just felt like one of the group. It was instant. And then to see familiar faces such as Courtney and her sister in the bridal party was such a great feeling. It was a huge party filled with love, kisses, lots of hilarious dancing that involved booty backin’ up, and me getting attacked by a little boy with a plush penguin. I took some awesome photos of the day. And now I am going to share them with you.

Bridal Suite of the Four Seasons, Santa Barbara fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara001fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara003fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara004fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara005fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara007fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara006fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara008fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara009fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara011fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara104fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara012fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara013fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara014fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara015fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara016Bride walking down the stairs at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara for her wedding day first lookAdorable first look photograph of a bride and groom at a Santa Barbara weddingfourseasons-wedding-santabarbara019fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara105fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara020fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara021fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara022fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara023fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara024Adorable chalk board signage at a wedding at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara026fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara027fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara028fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara029fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara040fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara030Wedding ceremony at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara032fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara033fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara034fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara035 fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara036fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara037fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara038fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara039fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara041fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara042fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara043fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara044fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara045fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara046fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara049Sunset at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara048fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara050fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara051fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara052fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara053fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara054fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara055fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara056fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara058fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara059fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara060fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara061fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara062fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara063fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara064fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara065fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara066fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara067fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara068fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara069Beach across the street from the Four Seasons Santa Barbara wedding portraitfourseasons-wedding-santabarbara070fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara071fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara106fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara072fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara073fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara074fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara075fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara076fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara077fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara078fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara079fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara080fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara081fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara082fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara083fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara084fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara085fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara086fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara087fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara088fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara089fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara090fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara099fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara103fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara091fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara092fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara093fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara094fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara095fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara096fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara101fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara102fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara097fourseasons-wedding-santabarbara098
I’ve been able to work with some amazing talent in the last year.  I sometimes wonder why they hang out with me, but decide not to question it and just enjoy the blessing. I was so fortunate enough to have my friend Paul come along to tell this story with me. Some of these images above are his. I’ve been a big fan of his work for years so for him to want to hang out with me was pretty freakin’ cool.  It was even cooler to call him boy scout all day.

Venue : Four Seasons Santa Barbara  DJ & Music : Central Coast Memory Makers  Solo Piano : Lawrence “Larry” Duff Florals : Jenny McNiece Flowers Rentals : Town & Country Hair and Makeup : Ashley O’Conner and Jackie Bright. Redlands, CA Videography : Cinematic Edge Second Shooter : Paul Von Reiter 


That Tesla car is not bad looking and when the battery goes away (even when charged properly it's only good for 2-4 years). Just do whats been done since the 50;3#9&s, in just about every car ever made, drop in a small block Chevy

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Love those shots on the beach… and everything else!

Beautiful scenery and awesome captured!

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