So I confess, I am a bit slow on posting any personal blogs lately. I’ve been shooting and editing like a mad woman since March it seems. Lovely to keep busy, but I have neglected to share many awesome things that have happened for my photography the last few months.

Fist up, TWO featured at the Brides Cafe.  If you are one of my future brides, be sure to check out this site for amazing inspiration.

Katya and Justin, photographer in St.Louis back in March.    See full feature here!

Jen and Eric’s beautiful Clos La Chance wedding in San Martin California. See full feature here!

And the next bit of news is horribly overdue.  Every year Digital Photographer magazine runs a photographer contest. I happened to submit a few of my photographs last year and never heard anything back, and since the magazine is based in the UK and hard for me to get, I just never thought anything of it. “Hey, they will e-mail me or send me something if I win”.

Cut to… 3 weeks ago. I’m browsing the internet and come upon the 2009 winners for the competition. And… what do I see?

WHAT? Is it possible there is another Heather Elizabeth Sumpter out there? (Oh I wish Elizabeth was my real last name, than I would sound oh so fancy all the time!)

Upon further investigation, I found this! My beautiful, sleepy little ring bearer came in the top three best wedding images of 2009. What an honor.

Dear little ring bearer. Thank you for being so cute, so I could catch this amazing shot of you. And thank you so much for Digital Photographer Magazine for the honor of being published and named one of the top three photographs of the year. Also, hey, if anyone in the UK out there has that issue… hook a sister up. 😉

And now for something completely not wedding related, but related to me taking photos… one of my photographed was published in Curve Magazine for a feature on the beautiful and talented Blair Hansen. If you are in the San Francisco area and want to see an amazing talent, check out Blair’s site and see where she’s playing. If you aren’t in the Bay, well, just listen to her rock your socks off. I love this girl.

I am mildly excited when I see my photographs in print.

Ok, and that’s a wrap on my shameless sharing of the awesome things that have been happening with my work lately. You know I used to want to be a comic book artist? And an actor? Thank goodness I picked up a camera. So Thankful for all the good things happening lately.